Departure Time: 11-11:30am
That should give you enough time to work off most of your hang over from the night before, get breakfast and gas up.

Departure Location: Still finalizing this, I want to do a pre-run before I let it out to the general public. But here’s what I know:
Departure will be an easily accessible location off 128 North West of Boston OR an alternative might be from the North Shore area. A ride containing some time on Route 225 is my preference though, that road is quite nice.
Actual time on the road time will be around 3 hours, give or take, 120 to 150 miles. Add in time for gas stops, road side repairs, food, etc. and that should put the total run time around 5 hours or so. That will put us at the camp in the early evening with plenty of time to setup your tent, go grab food, ride the surrounding roads or get lit up like a roman candle.
The ride will be pretty laid back, I’m trying to minimize the number road changes, while still making it interesting. We’ll be using secondary roads, no highways. If you feel like chiming in with some road suggestions, by all means go right ahead.