Tyler and crew at Lowbrow have been supporting our events since day one. They were one of the first sponsors to sign up back in 2006 when we put on the very first Knucklebuster show in Peabody (how many of you remember that, before the greasebag even existed). This year is no exception. These guys support grassroots events all over the country and I credit them with being one of the cornerstone companies that have helped grow the community. They’ve turned a small t-shirt and decal business into a 1-stop shop for just about every cool part a garage builder needs to build their own personalized death trap. And every step of the way they’ve been giving back – from supporting small local events to publishing free tech articles on the website to their Bonneville efforts (which inspires us all), these guys aren’t just content with selling stuff, they’re in the thick of it; building and helping others out like the rest of us.

We’ve got a whole mess of builder parts, t-shirts, stickers and patches to raffle off at the greasebag, but you can only take it home with you if you show up.

If you’re in the market for anything moto related, make sure to check out their site. Their product selection is so huge now, their is bound to be something you’re looking for (like their brand new repop Wassell tanks, which you can not get with out spending a fortune).

Check them out at: Lowbrow Customs