The idea is fairly simple: get a bunch of crazed 2-wheel fanatics together for a long weekend of riding, camping, talking shop, telling tall tales, ogling home built death traps and all-out partying. Oh, and make it all free. Some might call it a 3-day bender. We call it the Greasebag Jamboree.

We are the the loud and obnoxious middle finger thrown in the face of the status quo, made for TV, billet encrusted, trendy motorcycle scene. We are greasy, grimy, wrench loving motherfuckers who love home built bikes of all kinds – from choppers to cafe racers to vintage restos. If you’re down with that, your down with us and we hope you’ll saddle up and join us.

Who it’s for: the asphalt shredding, curb jumping, stripped down, pissed off, pavement pounding, bar hopping, chopped up, bobbed out, home-built, speed addicted, greasy & grimy 2 wheel death traps and the lowlife grease monkeys that love them.