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Swag 2011

Swag Attack: The last batch of goodies

We’re 1 day away from official the official Greasebag kickoff with the Dice party in Boston and I’m STILL getting killer swag for the Sunday raffle. Check out the goodies that came in this week.


Andy at Pangea Speed sent in a whole bunch of killer swag including an absolutely gorgeous (and heavy as fuck) sterling silver points cover. My photo does not do it justice, it’s an absolute work of art. Check him out at


Wompy at Still Kicking rocked us with some sweet shirts and stickers. Wompy makes some killer builder parts that you should be checking out. His Brass Knuckle pull starters for Evo sporties and his custom air cleaners are absolutely stellar. Check him out at


Jason at Eternal Combustion was trying to make it out to the GB in person, but sometimes life gets in the way of living. His presence will be missed but he sent in some cool swag nonetheless. We’ve got a couple of his molotov fuel cells plus that rad mini finger tail light. Check him out at:


I’ve saved the best for last. Not only did Joel at image one send over a bunch of shirts, but the custom painted “gas can” is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously out of this world – I want it on a shelf in my garage – but alas, someone at the greasebag is going to be able to take it home. The pinnacle of cool. Joel has been with us since day 1, and we’re stoked that he’s helping us out again. Joel puts on his own grassroots ride/camp event called Run 4 Your Life. It’s the weekend after the Greasebag (August 5-7) and goes through Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Make it if you can, it’s a good time for sure. More info here:

Thanks again to all the sponsors, in just over 24 hours all the shenanigans begin.

Swag 2011

Swag Attack: Mega Edition

We’re down to 9 days before the GB kick off and massive amounts of swag is still rolling in (and I’m expecting even more). Check out what came in this week


I’ve got to start off with the killer package we got from Dan at 7 Metal West. Dan is one of the finest metal workers I know, quality second to none and these fenders are absolutely gorgeous. Aluminum, brass and steel – we’ve got one of each. Heavy duty and built to last, these are some of the best handcrafted motorcycle parts you’ll lay you hands on. This goes for everything Dan puts out there (his oil tanks are incredible), so don’t hesitate to get in touch with him when you need parts for your scoot. Check him out at


When Jason at South Side Kustoms out of Buffalo, NY told me he was sending in some swag, I wasn’t expecting 3 massive boxes, including some awesome custom pinstriped Christmas Tree ornaments (WTF?! So awesome). His donations well surpassed my expectations and I’m stoked on it all. The custom Cannon Ball oil tank is killer, and the pinstriped Biltwell helmet is just straight up classy and timeless. Plus we’ve got a bunch of shirts, stickers and posters to go along with it as well. South Side is throwing their own bash on July 30, so if you’re in the Buffalo area and can’t make it out to the GB, you should stop by their jam and party with them, a definite good time for sure.

Check them out at: and you can find info on their Rumble in the City event here:


I love that Boston Mike is throwing down for beantown in Sunny Florida. Mike builds killer ground up chops and customs, as well as fabricating some cherry parts for you to customize your own ride. We’ve got one of his hand crafted brass shifters plus some shirts to throw in the swag pile. Check out Mike at to see his full line of parts and custom builds. You can also follow him on his blog at:


Death Science and Show Class Magazine stepped up with a whole mess of goodies, including some already rare, sold out copies of issue #1, which instantly became a classic. Not only that, we’ve got a Death Head tail light, plus some custom cast lenses and the incredibly cool Mr. T shifter knob. These guys are top notch, they make killer parts and Show Class magazine is bound for greatness. I’m stoked to see someone bringing fresh print media to the community to compliment the handful of cool rags that are out there. Check these guys out at:
Death Science:
Show Class Magazine:


Last, but certainly not least are the guys at Biltwell, who not only sponsored the food and drink for the Saturday night camp out, but they also through down with a whole bunch of swag for the raffle, including an absolutely cherry megaflake helmet. Plus we’ve got a couple sets of their kung fu grips and a whole mess of killer apparel. Talk about going above and beyond. These guys continually blow my mind with their generosity and the level they operate at. They give back more than they take, not only to the Greasebag, but to grass roots events all around the country. Check them out at and

Many thanks to all the sponsors, the swag pile has already exceeded all expectations.

Swag 2011

Swag Attack: Cro Customs & Atomic Customs

Two of my favorite West Coast builders have jumped in to help us out with the Greasebag


Trent at Aromic Customs builds some of the best traditional, no-nonsense choppers around. Timeless bikes built to be ridden hard. Many thanks to Trent for the whole mess of shirts and stickers he sent out way. Check him out at


Caleb at Cro Customs is personally one of my favorite builders out there right now. His approach, style and design style always impress me. There is a soul he captures in every one of his builds that speaks volumes. His builds have been featured on Knucklebuster before and will continue to be in the future because the man just “gets it”. He sent us a whole bunch of hats and stickers to give away and for that we’re quite thankful. Check him out at:

Swag 2011

Swag Attack: Front Street Cycles


Anyone who hasn’t had their head in a hole knows that Craig at Front Street Cycles has been putting out some of the best custom handlebars and fenders for a while now. His beefy 13 gauge steel fenders earned him a reputation for high quality goods and his custom bar designs not only show off his skill but also his creativity. There are a lot of guys out there making bars now, but Craig is undoubtedly one of the best. I’ve seen both his fenders and bars in person and they are truly gorgeous.

Our community is built on guys like this – one-man shops, busting their ass to put out high quality products at reasonable prices. When you think about what the mainstream motorcycle shoppers’ pay for a set of bars out of the back of a mega-catalog, it seams almost unfathomable. That you could get a set of handcrafted, made in the USA, custom-built-for-you bars for less makes you wonder why anyone would choose any different.

Craig makes killer stuff , but he also gives back – whether it be by helping internet jockeys by answering all sorts of metal working or moto questions or by helping out events like the Greasebag. I’m psyched to have him as a sponsor this year, and the set of bars he’s donated blow me away. I love the simple design of them and the tracker inspired lines. In fact, these might just forget to make the trip to show so that I could plop them on my Sportster (I kid, I kid).

Many thanks to Craig, make sure to drop him a line anytime you’re in need of bars, fenders or custom metal work.

Check him out at:

Swag 2011

Swag Attack: Troy Fab


I can’t say enough good things about about Steve from Troy Fab. All the products that he puts out have the highest attention to quality that is humanly possible, he stands behind every single one of them with a customer first approach and he is easily one of the most stand up guys in the industry today. He’s helped me out on more occasions than I can count – from fabrication on my sportster to donating his time and truck truck to bring home my FXR to the knowledge he is always willing to share and teach to neophytes like me. Steve gives more than he takes and his involvement makes our community better. I am absolutely privileged to call him a friend.

I’ve watched Steve work in his shop; his attention to detail and commitment to putting out only the highest quality stuff is unmatched. I’m always stoked to have his parts as part of the Greasebag because I know who ever takes them home is going to be impressed. I’m even more stoked that he’ll be there in person. We’ve got one of his Yamaha XS650 engine stands and a triumph speedo spacer hub to throw into the swag pile, and if you show up, you might be the lucky one taking them home.

Whether you need one of his parts or some custom fabrication or machining work, make sure to drop Steve a line.

You will not be disappointed:

Swag 2011

Swag Attack: Modern Motorcycle Mechanics


You guys know how much we love vintage tech around these parts. Sure, there may be newer, more efficient and improved techniques, but there is something about the old, simpler way of doing things that gets our blood flowing. That’s not a diss against more modern techniques, we rely on them all the time. But the knowledge from days gone by is still extremely helpful in the garage today. When you’re working on older bikes, the old way of doing things might be the only way of doing it.

So it’s no surprise that the book Modern Motorcycle Mechanics is right up our alley. While the contents may no longer be “modern”, the knowledge held between it’s covers is worth it’s weight in gold to the obsessed 2-wheel fanatic. The book was first published in 1942, last revised in 1974 and until recently, has been long out of print. This was the bible for old school gearheads when the internet didn’t exist and reference material was not easily found. Regardless of make or model you ride, the book is useful for all types of maintenance for your vintage scoot. From setting the timing on a single-cylinder Lucas magneto to rebuilding the engine of a Harley-Davidson 45”.

As you might expect, the book is giant – 766 pages of glorious moto-knowledge. Thanks to Greg Williams, the book is now back in print and easy to get your hands on (instead of crossing your fingers and hoping to stumble upon one in a used book store). Bringing back this piece of history makes Greg top notch guy in our eyes, but what makes us even happier is that Greg has donated a copy to the Greasebag swag pile. Yup, we’ll giving one away at the GB and someone is going to be way stoked with the tome of knowledge they get to bring home. Many thanks to Greg for helping us out and keeping this knowledge alive.

If you want to get your hands on your own copy of Modern Motorcycle Mechanics, check out the website at:

or order a copy from here: Buy the book

Swag 2011

Swag Attack!: Ryzart Custom Paint


Rich at Ryzart Custom Paint has been cranking out stellar paint work for years, and is easily one of my favorite painters on the scene today (and I don’t just say that because he’s now a sponsor). He brings his own unique style to the game (not only to the paint he does, but also to his illustration work) and slays it every time. And while he’s immensely capable of slinging paint in whatever style is the current trend amongst the moto-obsessed, it’s the work he does that bucks those trends and are infused with his own creativity that stand out the most to me. Top notch work from a top notch dude.

When I asked Rich if he wanted to be one of the show sponsors, I had no expectations, I just was hoping he’d be part of the show. When he stepped up for a $300 gift certificate towards a custom paint job, my jaw hit the floor. Absolutely UNREAL. I’m continually floored by the generosity of the small businesses that make up our community. The small shops and one-man operations that throw down HUGE, and keep this community thriving. For Rich to jump in and make such a large contribution just blew my mind. $300 worth of paint from one of the sickest painters out there? Amazing. There are few raffle prizes I covet more than this. The bad part for me is I can’t keep it. The good part for you is you have a chance to take it home with you.

If you have a paint project coming up, Ryzart should be on your short list of folks to consider.
Check out his work at:

And his blog at:

I told you the raffle would be epic.

Swag 2011

Swag Attack!: Lowbrow Customs


Tyler and crew at Lowbrow have been supporting our events since day one. They were one of the first sponsors to sign up back in 2006 when we put on the very first Knucklebuster show in Peabody (how many of you remember that, before the greasebag even existed). This year is no exception. These guys support grassroots events all over the country and I credit them with being one of the cornerstone companies that have helped grow the community. They’ve turned a small t-shirt and decal business into a 1-stop shop for just about every cool part a garage builder needs to build their own personalized death trap. And every step of the way they’ve been giving back – from supporting small local events to publishing free tech articles on the website to their Bonneville efforts (which inspires us all), these guys aren’t just content with selling stuff, they’re in the thick of it; building and helping others out like the rest of us.

We’ve got a whole mess of builder parts, t-shirts, stickers and patches to raffle off at the greasebag, but you can only take it home with you if you show up.

If you’re in the market for anything moto related, make sure to check out their site. Their product selection is so huge now, their is bound to be something you’re looking for (like their brand new repop Wassell tanks, which you can not get with out spending a fortune).

Check them out at: Lowbrow Customs

Swag 2011

Swag Attack: Spectro Oils


Part of organizing the Greasebag is reaching out to companies that I have never talked to before, i.e. the cold call. Most of the time, I don’t get a response – I can’t say I blame them, they don’t know me or the greasebag, so in many cases it’s a leap of faith for them. But every once in a while, they step up and jump in to help us out. Spectro Oils is one of those guys and boy did they step up to the plate. I’m always surprised and stoked when this happens, but with Spectro I should have known they would be there to help us out. They’ve been supporting grass roots events, small shops and the chopper community all over. The giving back to community is what makes them extra special in my book, but it’s the quality of their product that makes them my choice for my personal needs. I’m not going to get into the whole oil debate here, but I’ve been using their 20/50 in my bikes for the past few years and I couldn’t be happier with it. I also use their tranny and primary fluid and it’s all top notch in my book. High quality product + continual support of our community makes me a loyal customer for life.

So what did they send? How about 2 full cases of 20/50 oil, plus at least 100 of those beer coozies (they’ll come in handy at the Saturday night camp out), plus a ton of stickers and full size banners. Absolutely brilliant. If you’ve never tried out their products before, head up to the greasebag and you’ll have a chance to bring some of it home with you.

Many thanks to these guys for supporting us and giving back.
Make sure to check them out at or at your local purveyor of fine motorcycle goods.

Swag 2011

Swag Attack: Acme Choppers


Let’s start this week off with a bang shall we. I rolled up to Acme Choppers a week ago for the abomination that has become bike week; mostly to see the guys at Acme and pass out some flyers. While I was at the shop checking out all the new projects in process, Wayne says “Let me get you some stuff to give away at the Greasebag.” I’m stoked of course. The crew at Acme have been generously donating the real estate to make the greasebag happen since day one, to say nothing the additional help they throw in getting ready for the show and the set up on the day of. In my view, they already go above and beyond to help us pull it off, the fact that they’re doing more just goes to show their dedication to making cool shit happen in New England for the 2-wheel, moto obsessed. So Wayne goes into the back room, and I figure he’s gonna grab a couple of shirts or something and call it a day. Next thing I know, he’s rolling out with a huge Rubbermaid container, filled to the brim with apparel. But it’s not just a whole new wardrobe in their, he also throws in one of their gorgeous aluminum oil tanks and a set of their BMX grips. What else can you say but wow. The stuff is absolutely awesome, and the oil tank is one of those things I get that make me say “I can’t believe I’m going to give this away.” Some lucky bastard is going to walk home with it.

Acme rules, but you guys should know that by now. The stuff they make is at the absolute top of the ladder when it comes to quality, function and design. These guys are perfectionist and it shows in their work. One look at the frames or springers they make shows how much precision and attention to detail they pour into every piece that leaves their shop. When you want the absolute best stuff available, these are one of the guys you call.

Check them out at or call them directly 603-524-2263
If you want to learn more about the shop, check out the article on Chop Cult

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